Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Coming Culture of Coercion

You couldn't come up with a better title to describe the road before us, than this one over at MereComments:
The coercion is inevitable on many fronts because these things are on a collision course. Opposition to many "rights" (the right to a dead fetus, the right to a dead newborn if the abortion is botched, the right for a man to "marry" a man, the right to force a baby to be raised by two males without a mother, and so on) will be counted as "hate speech" and the courts will order the incarceration of the "hateful." Wolves must be let into the sheep pen because keeping them out would be intolerant.
We already knew that same sex marriage isn't tolerant but as if to underscore the point and take it to the next lower level, we have this over at Beetle Blogger on the targeting of supporters of Prop 8 out in California.
Also noted by Beetle: It would appear that the LA Times is "Aiding and Abetting Gay Activist Vigilantes"
Chilling times folks. And it's not even January...

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