Friday, December 12, 2008

Biblical Blessing of Sodomite Unions?

I can only imagine how a classically trained and well-spoken person would respond to the brazenly shallow cover story in the December 15 edition of Newsweek, available here:

If the Bible is nothing more than a human creation, then these authors are right. If Christianity is nothing more than a social construct, then these authors are right. But if the Second Person of the holy Trinity did indeed become flesh, revealing the truth of the Godhead in a way that no human could ever devise, and if that Word made flesh did indeed through the breath of the Holy Spirit inspire the biblical authors, then this warping of Christian understanding to suggest that sodomite marriage and activity is endorsed by an overarching umbrella of inclusion is nothing short of blasphemous. At its very least it is staggeringly condescending toward the idea that our faith is not eternal and unchanging, but is simply a product of the times.

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eutychus said...

Welcome my friend. I'm glad to see you here. I've posted some articles from GetReligion that really sum up just how bad the article was both from a journalisic and a theological point of view. I think you'll like them.