Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Five Reasons to Gear Up for A Long Fght

From American Thinker:

The energy and enthusiastic support behind the newly-elected Obama will be used by the media to claim a mandate and intimidate or discourage opposition. Here are five reasons to ignore that story line and gear up for a long fight:

Slow him down

It's critically important to slow the we-are-the-change-we-need momentum - the worst ensues when politicians act with haste. Much of Obama's support isn't serious, and derives from his cult celebrity status, making it unsustainable for more than a few more months. The O-logo on t-shirts and baseball caps (has a President ever had his own logo before?), the chanting youth, and the Che Guevara-like images of Obama staring off in the distance, as if at a Jumbotron image of himself, are downright creepy. ...(more)

Prevent damaging no-growth economic policies

Obama pushed economic policies throughout his campaign that are little more than fuzzy concepts and obviously unaffordable. Most of the details provided by the campaign, like his soak-the-rich tax plan, are little more than recycled Democrat policy platforms from the 70s....

Avoid weakness in foreign policy

Obama supporters like to paint him as a cerebral policy wonk except that he isn't, at least not in the Clinton (Bill and Hillary both) model. Obama has no foreign policy background at all and almost no exposure to ideas outside the left-liberal echo chamber where he has lived his entire adult life. There's almost no paper trail of original thoughts and ideas. Bill Clinton at least recognized that an Arkansas governor needs brushing up on foreign policy but Obama clearly doesn't know what he doesn't know and hasn't shown the intellectual curiosity of a Clinton....

Capitalize on his inexperienced leadership and poor judgment

It's very possible some bad policies will gain traction in the Democrat-controlled Congress and Obama will be their chief salesperson. The only option will be to assail his leadership. Despite the oratory, it isn't clear Obama has natural leadership abilities - it especially shows when he's off script. Despite the press treatment of his manufactured calm and cool persona, Obama tends to take himself too seriously and react with adolescent frustration. Those moments are easily ridiculed and parodied. He is likely to stumble early by forgetting the campaign is over. ...

Counteract the Biden Effect

Vice President Joe Biden claims loudly that he's a key policy adviser to Obama, which seems somewhat doubtful, but is reason enough to worry. Here's a man a heartbeat away from the Presidency who actually ran for President and was rejected as unfit by the voters more than once, never receiving more than 1% of the vote. Biden received fewer votes for President nationally than Obama received running unopposed in his Illinois state senate race....

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