Thursday, October 9, 2008

ACORN, Obama and Scandal

A compilation of stories on the fraudulent practices and corrupt network otherwise known as ACORN, an organization which has ties to Obama and is involved deeply in the whole mortgage mess. We posted a piece from Townhall which talked about these issues here:

...ACORN attracted Barack Obama in his youthful community organizing days. Madeline Talbott hired him to train her staff -- the very people who would later descend on Chicago's banks as CRA shakedown artists. The Democratic nominee later funneled money to the group through the Woods Fund, on whose board he sat, and through the Chicago Annenberg Challenge,...( on whose board he sat with the terrorist William Ayers). Obama was not just sympathetic -- he was an ACORN fellow traveler. ...(more)
He was also their legal representative against certain banks who would not cave to their intimidation.
Over at Midwest Voices a nice summary of the most recent scandals:
It’s time to shut down ACORN, work against voter fraud
Thousands of fraudulent voter registrations have surfaced after having been submitted by ACORN. In some parts of Ohio, over half of the registrations submitted by ACORN are at least questionable. ACORN even admits that it is unable to insure there is no fraud. In the Kansas City area, one name, Monica Ray, registered 20 times....
...In Indianapolis, it was announced today that they have a total of 677,401 voter registrations. The problem is that Indianapolis only has 644,197 voter population. That means they have a registration of 105%.
In Las Vegas, the Dallas Cowboys names showed up on voter registration cards.
In all about 12 states have had issues with voter fraud from this organization, many of them battleground states. Someone is trying to steal this election.
In Ohio a Federal judge had to force the Secretary of State to do something:
He specifically cited questionable activity of one group that registered thousands of new Ohio voters: the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or ACORN.Ohio Republican Party Deputy Chairman Kevin DeWine said the ruling spoke volumes about Brunner, a Democrat.
“Her refusal to comply with federal law raises serious concerns about her ability to objectively oversee this election. It's especially troubling in light of her connection to ACORN and that group's stunning confession this week of fraudulent registration activity happening right here in Ohio,” he said.
Over at DoctorBulldog they've got the video of McCain calling for ACORN to be investigated.

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