Sunday, July 13, 2008

Love & Eternal Things

From STR on the 12th of June:
A very good man, Tony Snow, died this morning. He was vocal about his trust in God and the courage and meaning it brought to his life and relationships. He spoke about how his illness focused those values, to live them each day, more than before. Tony always expressed thankfulness and optimism when facing his illness, never self-pity. His gratitude grew when diagnosed with colon cancer. His focus was on how he was blessed, not what he might lose. It's sad moments like this that hopefully inspires and disciplines us to apply these values in our own lives without the immediacy of illness.
commencement address to Catholic University last year is well worth reading because he gives extraordinary advice about life, but especially shares the importance of his relationship with Jesus and how he tangibly drew strength from God.
Religion is not an opiate, just the opposite. It is the introduction to the ultimate extreme sport. There is nothing that you can imagine that God cannot trump. As Paul said “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” And once you realize that there is something greater than you out there, then you have to decide, “Do I acknowledge it and do I act upon it?” You have to at some point surrender yourself. And there is nothing worthwhile in your life that will not at some point require an act of submission. It’s true of faith and friendship. It is a practical passage [of the Bible], especially to marriage....(

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