Sunday, April 27, 2008

Poland Pressured on Abortion and Sexual Orientation by UN Human Rights Committee

Let's pray that the moral clarity of Poland spreads like wildfire to the rest of the world badly in need...
From LifeSite:
Canada pushes Poland to advance homosexual rights.
WASHINGTON, DC, April 24, 2008 ( The government of Poland was pressed on the issue of abortion and sexual orientation by the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva last week. The grilling came during something called the Universal Periodic Review (UPR), a process mandated by the UN General Assembly.
At the meeting on April 14th, the Polish delegation was questioned by various members of the committee about Poland's human rights record. Norway said that Poland should "facilitate access to abortion for women who qualify for this under Polish law." Slovenia, the United Kingdom and Sweden pushed for sexual orientation to be one of the grounds for non-discrimination in the new equality law being debated in the Polish parliament. Slovenia recommended that Poland stop legislation "punishing anyone who promotes homosexuality…in education…". Canada said that "those who campaign for equality and against discrimination based on perceived sexual orientation, (should be) allowed to carry out their work in a secure environment..." (more)

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