Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth First! (People Later)

Nicely out over at American Thinker. Being a weather forecaster I really like #3...

...Later that week a Liberal friend asked me, "Do you believe in global warming?" As I contemplated my answer I was struck with conflicting images - a Senate sub-committee, and a child asking about Santa. To his credit, he stuck with me through my multi-part response. To wit:
1. The world has been warming since approximately 1650 when it reached its latest low and almost dipped into a modern Ice Age. This episode is well-recorded and notable for its misery as crop yields declined, economic activity contracted, and people were generally extremely cold. On the lighter side... you could ice skate on the Thames. But all in all, not a good trend...
2. The world is now the same temperature as it was in 1000 A.D. We've basically climbed out of the trough that we descended into for 650 years and now enjoy the same general climate as feudal rulers and Vikings a millennium ago. ("Beautiful day wouldn't you say Erik? This is pillaging weather Gefhert - pass me that mace!")
3. Theoretically, there is some incredibly complex formula that explains weather, temperature and climate. We will probably never comprehend it in any great detail in the lifetimes of any of us. If ever.
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By the way..regarding the church mentioned in the article? ...STAY AWAY FROM THAT CHURCH!

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