Friday, April 18, 2008

3 Trillion Bucks- and not apenny for security

Over at Machinist- we have this:
Three trillion dollars is a lot of cash. You know that, but it's more than you think: For the last three hours I've tried to spend $3 trillion and I barely cracked a trillion. Can you do better?
My playground was, an antiwar Web site set up by Robert Greenwald'sBrave New Films.
In his new book, the economist Joseph Stiglitz estimates that the Iraq war will cost,
in total, $3 trillion. The Greenwald site aims to illustrate the opportunity cost of the war -- other things we might have done with the money.

How clever. Aside from the dubious figure of three trillion which many question, and the tiny number that represents compared to our GDP, and the fact that the money spent on the war is ABOVE the ordinary military budget and not in the domestic budget (would it still be doing the supposed damage to the economy if it was domestic spending?) I find the list of all the things the author would spend the money on enlightning. A "mooning gnome" is a good symbol for the lefts idea of security.

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