Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Weird (and wonderful?!?) 'laboratory art' in Euro culture capital

...They include Orlan, a French woman who is truly prepared to suffer for her art, having undergone surgery several times to have implants inserted into unusual areas of her face, such as cheek implants into her temples.
Visitors to Liverpool are spared the blood which is liberally splashed over photographs on her website -- instead she has crafted "Harlequin Coat", a jacket just a few centimetres (inches) long from a mixture of her own skin cells and animal cells. It is supposed "to symbolise cultural cross breeding".
American artist Julia Reodica, a qualified nurse, has produced designer hymens using her own vaginal tissue, which are displayed in jewellery boxes.
The idea is to show "how different cultures value female virginity and the associated pressures," the organisers said in a statement.
And a video installation shows in detail Austria-based artist Stelarc undergoing an operation to have an extra ear grafted on to his arm.
Laura Sellars, the head of programmes at FACT, denies that the exhibition is merely seeking shock value.
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Well, OK -if you deny it...

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